Your HVAC system requires regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently but regardless of the proactive measures you take to ensure the longest lifespan possible, there will come a time when repairs aren’t enough and a replacement will be needed. The main reason to replace your home heating and cooling system is its age. If your HVAC system is between 10 and 15 years old, it is likely time to replace it. (At this point, it will probably cost you more in repairs than a replacement anyways.) But is there a particular time of year that is best for having the replacement done? It turns out the answer to this question is “yes!”


One of the best times to have your home heating and cooling system replaced is during the spring season. Most of the time, temperatures in Texas are moderate at this time. So, if your HVAC system is temporarily inoperable or unavailable as the replacement proceeds, you would not have to deal with extreme temperatures that come in other seasons. You would still be fairly comfortable while you are waiting for your new HVAC system to be installed. Furthermore, professional HVAC installation companies also tend to be less busy in the spring. (Their busiest time of the year in Texas is blisteringly hot summer.) People generally use their heating and cooling systems less often or to a lesser degree in the spring, which means the professionals tend to have fewer calls for repairs, maintenance, or replacements due to system failures. Scheduling your replacement in the spring can result in having your replacement done in a more timely manner. Scheduling the replacement of your home HVAC system for the spring is a great way to save money and time, while staying as comfortable as possible.


Do you know the most reliable way to tell if your home HVAC system needs to be replaced? It’s easy: schedule a professional HVAC inspection. A skilled HVAC technician will inspect all the components of your heating and cooling system, including everything from the ductwork to the outdoor unit, to make sure everything is functioning effectively and efficiently. The trained technician will be able to identify any issues you might be having and make recommendations regarding how to proceed–he or she will be able to schedule your HVAC replacement and provide suggestions for how to proceed until your new system arrives and is installed. Now is the time to schedule your HVAC inspection, so you can have your system replaced this spring if required.


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