Texans are known for having big hearts, so February is a key month in the Lone Star State. February is American Heart Month and when Valentine’s Day takes center stage, putting the focus squarely on staying healthy and spreading love deep in the heart of Texas! It’s an ideal time for homeowners to give a little love to their HVAC systems, too, to ensure the friends and family they love are comfortable now and as the seasons change.


Homeowners should make time this month to ensure their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are in prime condition, ready for the warmer temperatures of the upcoming spring. Knowing some ways to get your heating and cooling system ready is sure to be helpful, so read on for three basic HVAC preparation tasks you should do now.


Change the Air Filters

Of course, the top task to take on to improve the performance of your home HVAC system is to change the air filters. Not only will putting in a new filter decrease airborne pollutants inside your home and increase the overall balance of airflow, it will also lower your cost at the same time. Because February is the time when Texans begin to use their heaters less as the winter season fades, it is the perfect time to check and change HVAC filters. Experts recommend that you replace your HVAC air filters regularly, at a minimum of every three months.


Update Your Thermostat

Texans spend a lot of time out and about when the weather is warm, so they should prepare their HVAC systems accordingly. One way you can get your HVAC unit ready for warm spring weather is to use a programmable thermostat–if you don’t have one, now is the time to upgrade. Your programmable thermostat will allow you to set a temperature tailored to your personal comfort level with shifts during each day, and save the temperature profile to apply automatically throughout the week.


Schedule HVAC Service Today

Calling in the professionals to service your home HVAC system is always a good idea. Though you can tidy around your outdoor unit, the HVAC maintenance professionals will be able to fully clean debris and dust of winter that settled inside the unit on the fan, coils, and other components; this will ensure that your system will be ready to operate at optimum capacity when spring arrives.

Showing some love to your home HVAC is important for Texan homeowners like you because you rely on it to stay comfortable all year long. If you need any help with maintenance for your heating and cooling system, know that you can count on The Coolest LLC to share their considerable HVAC knowledge and skills. The Coolest is a professional HVAC installation and maintenance company based in Austin, Texas that specializes in the installation and servicing of heating and cooling systems in both residential and commercial settings. The expert team at The Coolest is committed to providing the best possible customer care and HVAC service. Contact The Coolest today for more information and a free quote for services available from the experienced team of skilled HVAC technicians.