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Spring is right around the corner in Texas, and that means it’s time to start thinking about preparing your air conditioning system for the rising temperatures. You will want to ensure that your air conditioner is effective and efficient, so it might be time to upgrade your HVAC system. Having a ductless mini-split heating and cooling system installed now is an excellent option.


Ductless mini-split HVAC units are an excellent choice for Texan homeowners who do not have central air conditioning. They are the leading home cooling solution available on the market, available in a wide variety of compact sizes and styles that require no ductwork. These systems can be easily installed in individual rooms of your home, similarly to window air conditioning units. But unlike window units, ductless mini-splits are a more energy-efficient option to use in your home. Why? Ductless mini-splits do not require a window to be installed, which means there are no gaps for energy-wasting air leaks. Further, ductless mini-split units allow for more control over energy use since they are available as single-zone or multi-zone systems. This flexibility allows the temperature in a specific room to be adjusted easily and results in the use of only the energy that’s truly required–not too little and not too much.


Another thing that makes ductless mini-split units popular is that they can save homeowners a lot of money. Mini-splits are much smaller than more traditional central HVAC units and require less energy to operate because there’s no need to force air through ductwork, to distribute it throughout your house. And because a good chunk of a household’s energy budget goes to heating and cooling, this is important to note. It allows for you to lose less heat and cold from duct-related inefficiencies, on top of using less energy to run the system in the first place. That can mean huge savings on your energy bill every month.


Ductless mini-split HVAC systems are also great for creating a comfortable environment because the temperature can be adjusted in each individual room with a unit installed. A thermostat change in one room will not affect the temperature in surrounding rooms. Ductless mini-split units can also improve air quality because they have easily-maintained/replaceable filters; this means they can be cleaned easily and more regularly than traditional systems that have dust and debris build-up in the ductwork that is difficult to flush out totally. 


Ductless mini-split systems are great choices as well because they offer both heating and cooling capabilities. These units can act as both air conditioners and heat pumps, because what allows the unit to cool the room also allows it to heat the room when operated in reverse. They can take heat from outside your house and bring it inside. In Texas, the climate is such that mini-splits can address both the heating and cooling needs of a homeowner.


Ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems offer many benefits to homeowners who want to keep their homes comfortable in homes without central HVAC systems. They are a reliable top choice that deliver exceptional comfort for less money.


If you are interested in having a new ductless mini-split heating and air conditioning system installed in your home, contact the experts at The Coolest LLC. The Coolest LLC is your Austin-based HVAC service and installation company. The professional team of experienced technicians at The Coolest are ready to assist you with all your home heating and cooling needs, from HVAC installation to maintenance. Contact The Coolest today via their website or by phone at 512-468-6140.