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Cost Of Summer Air Conditioning. Staying cool during the summer months is important, especially in Texas where the temperatures consistently soar into triple digits. Texans use everything at their disposal to beat the heat, including using air conditioning. Air conditioning (AC) is essential in Texas, but have you ever wondered how much it actually costs to use it? Read on to learn about some of the factors that affect the cost of running your AC system and get an idea of what to expect when it comes to the cost of summer air conditioning in Texas.



One factor that directly affects your utility costs in Texas is the size of your AC unit. This plays a major role in determining the monthly costs for cooling your space. According to professionals at This Old House, “An air conditioner that’s too small will struggle to cool your entire home. The overall temperature will likely be uncomfortable in warmer seasons, and some rooms may be much hotter than others…. The unit will run constantly to keep up with cooling the space, which wears out your system and increases your energy bills.” Further, the pros continue, “A unit that’s too big will also wear down quicker because it will frequently turn on and off … [which] causes unit stress. A unit that’s too large for your home will cool the space too quickly without removing enough humidity from the air, making the atmosphere too cold and clammy…”, significantly impacting energy efficiency. The most important thing about AC size is that its cooling capacity is appropriate for the square footage of your home.



Another factor that impacts AC costs is the age of your unit. This can affect your energy usage and costs because older systems tend to be less energy-efficient than newer ones and require more energy to provide the desired level of cooling. An aging AC system can result in higher-than-normal energy bills, which is one of the reasons the US Department of Energy recommends homeowners replace their HVAC system every 10 to 15 years.


Another factor to consider is the temperature setting of your thermostat. The lower you set the temperature, the more energy your AC will use, which will increase your monthly costs. To save money on your AC bill, try setting your thermostat a few degrees higher than you normally would. There will not be much of a difference in the overall level of comfort from adjusting your thermostat, but you could end up with significant savings due to lower energy bills.


Cost Of Summer Air Conditioning. So, how much does it cost to run AC for a month? How much does air conditioning increase electric bills? The costs of running an AC can vary widely; it fully depends on factors including those discussed above, along with the personal usage habits of the residents of the home.  Understanding these factors and making smart choices when it comes to your AC usage is the first step towards keeping your monthly costs in check while still staying cool and comfortable during the sweltering Texas summer.

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