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Size Your AC for Energy Efficiency — AUSTIN, TX — THE COOLEST SERVICE, LLC

by Erika Mehlhaff


Energy Efficient Air Conditioner. Your home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is an especially important component of comfort for Texan homeowners. When you have an HVAC system installed in your home, a key consideration should be size–you must assess your overall heating and cooling needs to determine the most appropriate HVAC system size for your entire space.


The correct size of an HVAC system for your home will depend on the size of the house. To arrive at the best size for your needs, your go-to reputable HVAC installation and maintenance company will provide residential heating and cooling equipment options that will work for your space; the professional, experienced contractor will be able to calculate the cooling and heating capacity needed to keep you and your loved ones comfortable.


Your HVAC system needs to be correctly sized for your specific home. Otherwise, it might not allow for proper temperature regulation. The unit needs to be the correct size in order to heat and cool your space effectively and efficiently.


A correctly sized HVAC unit is important for efficiency. Having the most appropriate size means you will use the least amount of energy needed; further, you will save money when it comes to overall operating costs. The size of your home HVAC unit is determined by professionals who know how to calculate it to optimize energy and financial savings, with considerations of any other efficiency measures you have, such as solar panels, upgraded windows, and more.


If your HVAC system is oversized, the initial costs will be higher and the operational costs also will increase over time because an oversized system only runs for a short time, resulting in fast regulation of the ambient air temperature but poor mitigation of any humidity. And adjusting the thermostat so that the air conditioner runs for a longer period (to address the humidity) decreases the overall efficiency of the unit and yields greater utility costs. If your HVAC system is too small for your house, it will not be effective enough at regulating the temperature inside your home, which also negatively impacts efficiency.


Energy efficient HVAC systems help consumers reduce their carbon footprint while also saving money. These savings can offset the total purchase price of your energy efficient system, and can increase the property value of your home. You can further maximize your financial savings by taking advantage of rebate and incentive programs offered through local utility companies.


Energy Efficient Air Conditioner. If you are interested in installing a more energy efficient air conditioning system in your home, consider contacting The Coolest LLC, a trustworthy, professional HVAC installation and maintenance company located in Austin, Texas. The skilled and experienced heating and cooling specialists of The Coolest can help you upgrade or choose a new HVAC system, properly sized for your home. They can then offer the regular HVAC maintenance that your system needs to stay in top condition while it provides the comfort you and your loved ones need. Reach out to The Coolest for HVAC guidance and advice in Austin and the surrounding area. Contact The Coolest LLC directly for more information about how the company’s skilled team of professional HVAC technicians can meet your heating and cooling needs through the remainder of the summer and all year round.