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Air Conditioning Tips For Summer. Summer has arrived in full force. The sweltering heat means that people head indoors to escape the intense temperatures of the Texas summer days. Texans rely heavily on their air conditioning (AC) systems to stay cool and comfortable. Read on for three AC tips and tricks for summer.



#1 One of the easiest and most basic tips for keeping your AC in top condition this summer is to keep the air filters clean. When the AC filter becomes clogged with dirt and other debris, it becomes less effective at moving cooled air through the ductwork. The filter should be replaced regularly, usually every one to three months depending on the specific type of AC system and amount of use overall.


#2 Another trick you can use to optimize AC use is to program your thermostat. Having a preset temperature can help when it comes to saving energy and saving money on utility bills. The US Department of Energy notes that if you keep your space warmer than normal while you are away and lower while you are present, you will be able to save without sacrificing comfort.


#3 Using ceiling fans is another pointer to keep in mind this summer. If you have ceiling fans, using them can be extremely helpful for keeping you comfortable; they do not impact the air temperature but they do help keep you cool by moving the air across your skin and evaporating sweat more quickly, lowering your body temperature. Another bonus of using ceiling fans? According to the experts at ENERGY STAR, “If you raise your thermostat by only two degrees and use your ceiling fan, you can lower your air conditioning costs by up to 14%.”


If you are looking for more information and strategies to help you save energy and keep costs down during the summer, check out Spring and Summer Energy-Saving Tips, an article from the US Department of Energy.


BONUS Scheduling routine professional maintenance for your AC system is essential for adequate cooling during the summer in Texas. Constantly running the AC without the proper care and maintenance means the system will become less efficient and less effective, which could significantly impact your comfort level. Having maintenance done regularly will help keep your AC system operating at its best and for the longest period possible.

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by Erika Mehlhaff