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by Erika Mehlhaff


Winter has arrived in Texas! Even though the Lone Star State has mild winter weather, you will still use your home heating system, especially when there are cold snaps. Your home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system should be prepared for colder weather so you can keep your home warm and cozy. That said, sometimes Texans focus on their cooling system and neglect their heaters. 


You need quality service from a professional HVAC company all year round. If you have just turned on your heater after leaving it unattended since last year, you might need general maintenance or heating repair in Austin. If you don’t have your HVAC system checked by reputable professionals, you might suffer serious home heat loss during the coldest days of the year!


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Heating your Texas home during the winter is one of the most pressing tasks you have as a homeowner. Because of this, it is important to consider the effectiveness and efficiency of your home heating system. During cold periods, heat loss can be a serious concern, impacting both your comfort and costs.


Heat loss–the amount of heat that escapes from inside your home to outside–can happen when your heating system generates a greater amount of heat than should be necessary to maintain your preferred indoor temperature. This occurs when heated air escapes through leaks throughout your home. Air leaks result in excessive energy use that results in you and your loved ones being chilled and leads to expensive utility costs.




  1. Locate and seal air leaks.
  2. Make sure you have proper ventilation.
  3. Maintain appropriate insulation.

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HVAC professionals can assess where heat loss is occurring the most in your home and hone in on those trouble spots. They can evaluate which areas are the foremost sources of heat loss and give guidance as to how you can improve the energy efficiency of your home, so you can stay warm while also lowering your winter season utility bills. The pros know what DIY recommendations to make, as well as what professional repairs your system might need.


For top-notch Austin heating and air condition service, reach out to The Coolest LLC. When it comes to HVAC system installation and maintenance services, hiring this professional HVAC company can save you both time and money. The skilled and experienced HVAC specialists at The Coolest provide effective and economical heating and cooling solutions. The Coolest serves customers all over Austin and the surrounding Central Texas area and can help you with all your heating and cooling needs. For more information about how the reputable team of professional HVAC technicians of The Coolest can help you, contact them anytime online or by calling 512-468-6140 during open hours.