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As temperatures and energy bills begin to spike in the Lone Star State, staying cool is at the forefront of the minds of all Texans. When you want an HVAC system to cool your home in Texas, consider using a heat pump–heat pumps are a top choice for air conditioning in hot climates. Homeowners across the state often choose heat pumps for their home HVAC systems because they are low-maintenance and energy-efficient. They provide uniform heating throughout a home while keeping costs low.


Heat pumps offer an alternative to other home HVAC systems. When cooling is required, heat pumps and other air conditioners do the same job. However, heat pumps cool homes using a different process: they use electricity to cool a space via heat transfer. Because heat pumps transfer heat, they can effectively and efficiently provide a comfortable temperature throughout your home. During the spring and summer in Texas, heat pumps move heat from indoors to the outdoors and distribute the cooler inside air via the home HVAC system’s indoor air handler and existing ductwork. That said, heat pumps also are available as ductless mini-split units, if your home does not have ductwork already.


How Does a Heat Pump Work?

“In the summer months, a heat pump works just like a standard air conditioner would. Standard air conditioners, use a refrigerant to absorb unwanted heat in your home and transfer it to the air outside. This happens by changing the pressure of the refrigerant fluid. At low pressures, the refrigerant will easily absorb any heat available in the air and evaporate from a liquid to a gas. At high pressures, a gas refrigerant is higher energy than the outside air, so it passes heat to the surrounding air and the refrigerant condenses back to a liquid when it cools. By controlling the pressure of the refrigerant, an air conditioner can extract heat from your home, even on very hot days.”



The main benefits of heat pumps over standard heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for cooling your home in Texas are that they are fully composite HVAC systems that provide both heat and cool as needed; they deliver heating and cooling that is more sustainable than many other HVAC systems; and they are cost-effective and result in lower utility costs overall. Consider a heat pump if you are thinking about upgrading or replacing your home HVAC system.


If you are interested in having a new heat pump installed in your home to meet your heating and air conditioning needs in the Austin, Texas area, contact the HVAC specialists at The Coolest LLC. The Coolest LLC, your go-to HVAC service and installation company, can do the job. They will be able to determine the appropriate heat pump size for your home. The experts at The Coolest recommend top-of-the-line heat pumps from Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems. The professional team of experienced technicians at The Coolest is ready to assist you with everything from HVAC installation to regularly scheduled maintenance. Contact The Coolest at any time via their website or by phone at 512-468-6140.