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As the warmer, sunshiny days of spring settle in across the Lone Star State, it’s time for Texans to switch from heating to air conditioning in their homes. Because the air outside is getting warmer by the day, the temperatures inside Texas homes are also on the rise. In order to start using your air conditioner, you must make sure your home HVAC system is in tip-top shape. Spring maintenance for your HVAC system is key when it comes to you enjoying cooler, more comfortable temperatures while inside your home.


It is important to keep your HVAC system well maintained. Regular maintenance means your system will continue to be a reliable source of temperature management year-round, making it fairly effortless to switch from winter heating to spring cooling. Since spring has arrived, your HVAC system needs seasonal maintenance now if you haven’t already completed it.


Follow a spring maintenance checklist to make sure your system is working properly. Some things you should check before you start using your air conditioning system include the following:


  1. Clean or replace the air filters in your home HVAC system.
  2. Remove outdoor unit cover and clear away any yard waste/debris around it.
  3. Clean the registers and vents inside your home.
  4. Test your thermostat. Upgrade it if necessary.
  5. Schedule a seasonal HVAC inspection and tune-up with a professional HVAC maintenance technician.


It is extremely important to inspect and tune up your home heating and cooling system for the spring so your comfort is not negatively impacted. Furthermore, it will ensure that your air conditioner cools efficiently throughout the season, helping to reduce your overall electricity consumption and utility costs. Routinely scheduled HVAC maintenance will help to prolong the life of your HVAC system, too, keeping it operating as efficiently as possible and with a lower incidence of failures and problems that could require expensive repairs. So, schedule your seasonal HVAC maintenance today!

Spring is an excellent time to check and test your home HVAC system to make sure it is functional and to assess its overall condition. Do you want to schedule maintenance for your current HVAC system? Or you are more interested in upgrading your home heating and cooling system? Working with a reputable, professional HVAC installation and maintenance team like that of the Austin, Texas-based company The Coolest LLC is your best bet for determining what steps you should take to meet your temperature management plan. The Coolest is your go-to pro team of HVAC service specialists with the skill and experience to help you. Reach out to the knowledgeable technicians of The Coolest to discuss your personal HVAC needs for the spring and into the summer. Contact The Coolest at any time via their website, or by phone at 512-468-6140, for more information about the heating and cooling services they offer, from home HVAC system inspections and maintenance to upgrades and full system replacements. They are standing by to answer any HVAC-related questions you have.