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by Erika Mehlhaff


Ductless Mini Split Installation (AUSTIN, TX) — Homeowners are always on the lookout for the most effective and efficient ways to keep their houses comfortable and cool. Texans often have central air conditioning systems to cool their homes. But for homeowners who are not interested in having central air conditioning for one reason or another, ductless mini split systems are a popular alternative; they are a top home heating and cooling solution and can be used to cool a whole house.


A ductless mini split air conditioning system offers an energy-efficient means to cool your house. They are easy to use and flexible in application because they are available to purchase as single- or multi-zone systems. Single-zone units are used for single rooms or spaces, while multi-zone systems can be used for several rooms or spaces. While single-zone units are often great for supplemental heating and cooling needs or in spaces not addressed by central air systems (e.g., garages, workshops, etc.), for whole-home heating and cooling, homeowners usually choose a multi-zone system.


Choosing a ductless mini split heating and cooling system for your home would allow for zoning within your space, meaning that the temperature of each room of the house can be controlled individually, without changing the temperature in any of the other rooms. In this way, using this as your air conditioning option also allows for greater control over the energy you use when the heat is on–multiple units can be connected to one air handler, creating a network that will efficiently send cooled air throughout the entirety of your home.


Ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems are a great option when it comes to efficiently and effectively cooling your Texas home. These systems are available in a wide variety of sizes and compact styles, and are often chosen above other heating and cooling solutions because they require no ductwork to distribute air throughout a house and can be installed fairly quickly and easily in a single room of your home.


Note: Ductless mini split systems are a more energy-efficient option to use for cooling your home than window units because mini splits do not require installation in a window. This means that homeowners avoid the inevitable, unsealable gaps that occur around window units from which air leaks in or out; so the air remains inside at the desired temperature and energy is not wasted when a mini split is in use.


Ductless mini-split installation heating and cooling systems have multiple benefits for homeowners. They are reliable and durable and last for years with proper care; further, they require much less electricity to operate than other options like window units. They deliver exceptional comfort to you and your family for less money over time.


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